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​Corporate Sharing

FLUID過往曾與企業及私人機構合作,舉辦職場友善培訓工作坊,亦不時獲邀出席企業所舉辦的論壇或活動,分享我們的性教育工作及背後的理念,並討論私人企業在推動多元、平等與包容(DEI - Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) 的可能性。歡迎聯絡我們了解更多有關企業培訓、DEI、分享會等的合作形式。

FLUID works with corporates and private organizations to provide training workshops on employee-friendly/diverse and inclusive workplaces. We are also invited to attend corporate forums and events to explore sexual awareness education and the philosophy behind it, and discuss the possibilities for private industry to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in order to raise awareness of gender diversity and sexual orientation and promote the culture and value of diversity and integration at different levels in society.

Please contact us to discuss if there are any particular topics or formats of training, DEI, or sharing sessions we can create for you.

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