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Counseling and Emotional Support Service to LGBTI+ Youth



  • 性/別小眾人士(LGBTI+/非二元/性取向或性別流動),目前正因性取向/性別認同或感情問題受到困擾。

  • 我們的服務承諾:非批判、性/別友善、具相關性/別知識、私隱保障。

We offer counseling and emotional support services to those of sexual and gender minorities and intersectional identities. It is our commitment to offer services that are judgment-free, LGBTI+ friendly, knowledgeable in sexual and gender sensitivity, and confidential.


You are welcome to register for our service if you are:

  • Sexual and gender minorities (LGBTI+/nonbinary/individuals of fluid gender or sexual orientation) who are dealing with emotional difficulties because of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

Your support matters



Your regular gifting would enable us to give long-term emotional support to different sexual and gender minorities

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