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Prima Yu


Social Campaigner。畢業於美國布朗大學,主修公共事務,副修Social Change。曾於美國及印度生活及工作,多年來專注於非牟利機構就不同的人權議題進行倡議及社群組織等工作。人生任務是打破所有約定俗成的不公義制度和現象。願望是能永遠保持虛心學習的心態,不卑不亢。

Graduated from Brown University with a major in public affairs and minor in social change and lived in the United States and India, Prima is a social campaigner who has worked on human rights advocacy and creating social changes over the years with different nonprofit organizations. Her life mission is to work towards dismantling all injustices and age-old prejudices that remain in our modern society. With a vision of life throughout her life, she wishes to keep herself humble as she drives towards her goals.

Prima Yu
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