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Lezile Chan



求學時期主修流行音樂與設計,現為獨立唱作人和大碼模特兒。通過音樂和創作,積極提倡身體自主與自愛,希望以自身經歷去鼓勵觀眾和支持者。曾參與拍攝ViuTV電視節目 「肥美人」。希望以成長故事和音樂鼓勵香港女性自由開放地討論性別、性、月經等話題。最近推出首支個人原創單曲 << How Can I >>,描述成長上的掙扎和多元的愛。

Lezlie majored in pop music and design and is now an independent performance artist and a plus-size model. She actively promotes body autonomy and self-love while inspiring her audience by sharing her personal experience through her creations. She hopes to encourage Hong Kong women to freely talk about gender, sex, mensuration and more through her own stories from her growing-up and music. Her most recent single How Can I depicts the struggles met along the journey of diverse love.

Instagram: @_leslielez__

Lezile Chan
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